- Giotto di Bondone - Father of European Painting [Chronology]
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Giotto di Bondone
(1267 - 1337)

1267 Born in Colle di Vespignano
1280 Begins apprenticeship in the workshop of Cimabue
1290 At Assisi working in the Upper Church
1290 Marries Ciuta (Ricevuta) di Lapo del Pela
1297 Works commissioned by General Giovanni di Muro for the Upper Church of San Francesco
1300 Paints the frescoes in the Loggia of the San Giovanni Laterano in Rome
1301 Travels to Ravenna and Rimini where he paints the frescoes in San Francesco
1302 Fresco at the church of Saint Anthony (now lost) and the fresco cycle in the Arena Chapel
1310 Mosaic Ship of the Church in the San Pietro in Rome
1317 In Padua again executes the frescoes in the Palazzo della Ragione
1327 Admitted to the Guild of Doctors and Apothecaries (as a painter)
1334 Appointed Magnus Magister (Grand Master), city architect and superintendent of public works
1337 Dies in Florence 8 January

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