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Vincent van Gogh
(1853 - 1890)

1853 Born 30th March at Groot Zundert, Netherlands
1864 Goes to boarding school in Zevengergen
1869 Apprenticed to Paris art dealer
1873 Transferred to London branch
1876 Leaves the gallery, goes to Margate and teaches in a school; decides to become a preacher
1877 Returns to the Netherlands and becomes a book-keeper
1879 The evangelist college in Brussels assigns Vincent a preachers job in Wasmes
1880 Moves to Brussels and decides to become an artist
1881 Moves to The Hague, where he studies watercolour painting with Anton Mauve; Sien Hoornic, a prostitute, and her child move in with Vincent
1883 Moves to his dad's parsonage in Nuenen, stays there for two years
1885 Father dies; Vincent studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp (he only lasts there for 3 months)
1886 Moves to Paris to live with his brother Theo - during this time discovers Impressionism
1888 Moves to Arles
1889 Commits himself to St Remy mental asylum
1890 Moves to Auvers; commits suicide there on 29 July by shooting himself

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