- Abraham Lincoln - The Great Emancipator [Chronology]
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Abraham Lincoln
(1809 - 1865)

1809 Abraham Lincoln is born 12 February in Kentucky
1815 Lincoln attends local school
1816 Lincoln family moves to Illinois
1818 Abraham's mother dies
1828 Travels to New Orleans, witnesses a slave auction
1831 Works as clerk in a village store
1833 Appointed Postmaster of New Salem; later in year is appointed Deputy County Surveyor
1834 Elected to the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig party; begins to study law
1836 Leader of the Whig party, re-elected to the Illinois Gen. Assembly; receives law license
1837 Moves to Springfield; becomes a law partner of John T. Stuart
1838 Re-elected to the Illinois Gen. Assembly, becoming Whig floor leader
1839 Admitted to practice in United States Circuit Court
1840 Re-elected to the Illinois Gen. Assembly
1841 Forms new law partnership with Stephen T. Logan
1842 Marries Mary Todd in Springfield
1843 First child, Robert Todd Lincoln, is born; unsuccessfully runs for the Whig nomination for U.S. Congress
1844 Dissolves law partnership with Logan, begins to practice independently
1846 Son, Edward Baker Lincoln, is born; elected to the U.S. House of Representatives
1847 Moves to Washington D.C.
1849 Returns to Illinois to resume law practice
1850 Son Edward dies; another son, William Wallace, is born
1853 Son Thomas (Tad) is born
1854 Elected to Illinois legislature but declines the seat in order to try to become U.S. Senator
1855 Is not chosen by the Illinois legislature to be U.S. Senator
1856 Helps organize the new Republican party of Illinois; receives 110 votes for the vice-presidential nomination
1858 Nominated to be the Republican senator from Illinois; debates with Stephen A. Douglas
1859 Loses Senate seat to Douglas
1860 Elected 16th President of the United States
1861 Civil War begins
1862 Son Willie dies
1863 Issues the final Emancipation Proclamation; delivers Gettysburg Address
1864 Nominated for president by a coalition of Republicans and War Democrats, is re-elected
1865 Civil War ends; Lincoln shot 14 April at Ford's Theater, he dies the next day

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