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Dwight David Eisenhower
(1890 - 1969)

1890 Born 14 October
1911 Enrolls at the United States Military Academy, West Point
1915 Serves with the infantry until 1918
1916 Marries Mary "Mamie" Geneva Doud
1917 Promoted to captain; son, Doud, born
1918 Commanded 6,000 men at Tank Training Center at Camp Colt in Pennsylvania; lieutenant colonel (temporary rank) in Tank Corps
1921 Son, Doud, dies
1922 Executive officer, Camp Gaillard, Panama Canal Zone until 1924
1922 Son, Sheldon, born
1928 Army War College
1929 Assistant executive, Office of Assistant Secretary of War until 1933
1933 Army Industrial college
1935 Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
1935 Major; assistant to General MacArthur in the Philippines
1940 Returns to the United States; joined Fifteenth Infantry
1941 Chief of staff, Third Army; brigadier general (temporary rank)
1942 Chief, War Plans Division of War Department General Staff; assistant chief of staff in charge of Operations Division of War Department General Staff; major general (temporary rank); appointed commanding general, European Theatre of Operations; lieutenant general (temporary rank) in London for strategy discussions with British; appointed commander in chief of Allied forces in North Africa
1943 Full general (temporary rank); directs invasions of Sicily and Italy; appointed supreme commander, Allied Expeditionary Force
1944 Leads D-Day invasion of Normandy; General of the Army (temporary rank)
1945 Accepts surrender of German Army at Rheims; commander of U.S. occupation forces in Europe;
1948 Retired from active duty in the Army; Crusade in Europe published; appointed president of Columbia University; declines to run for the presidency of the United States
1950 Granted indefinite leave of absence from Columbia University to serve as commander of NATO forces in Europe
1952 Resigns from the Army; defeats Adlai Stevenson in presidential election
1955 Eisenhower suffers first heart attack
1956 Re-elected president
1957 Civil Rights Act
1963 The White House Years: Mandate for Change published
1965 The White House Years: Waging Peace published
1967 At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends published
1969 Dies 28 March

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