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George II
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George II
(1683 - 1760)

1683 Born 10 November at Schloss Herrenhausen, Hanover
1703 Son, Frederick, born
1705 Marries Caroline of Ansbach
1709 Daughter, Anne, born
1711 Daughter, Amelia Sophia Eleanor, born
1713 Daughter, Caroline Elizabeth, born
1714 Q Anne dies, George I inherits the throne and Prince George (to be George II) becomes Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester
1715 Serves as the ninth Chancellor of Trinity College, Dublin until 1718
1717 Son, George William (to be George III) is born, rift with father over god-father leads to arrest, banishment from St. James palace, and exclusion from public ceremonies
1718 Son, George William, dies
1721 Son, William Augustus, born
1723 Daughter, Mary, born
1724 Daughter, Louisa, born
1727 Father dies, George II succeeds to the throne
1734 Founds the Georg August University of Göttingen
1737 Wife dies
1739 War of Jenkins' Ear
1740 War of Austrian Succession
1742 Treaty of Aix la Chapelle ends War of Jenkin's Ear
1743 Last British monarch to lead his troops into battle (Dettingen
1745 Jacobite Rebellion - "The Fourty-Five"
1748 Treaty of Breslau ends of War of Austrian Succession
1756 Seven Years War begins
1760 Dies 25 October

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