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Thomas Jefferson
(1743 - 1826)

1743 Born 13 April in Virginia
1752 Begins attending a local school run by a Scotsman, Reverend William Douglas
1757 Father dies
1758 Attends the school of the Reverend James Maury
1760 Attends the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg
1762 Graduates from William and Mary, begins law studies with George Wythe
1765 Passes the bar
1766 Tours Annapolis, Philadelphia, and New York
1767 Begins practicing law
1768 Begins building Monticello
1769 Takes his seat as representative from Albemarle County in the Virginia House of Burgesses, he serves until 1776
1772 Marries Martha Wayles Skelton on New Years Day, daughter Martha is born on 27 September
1774 Drafts instructions for the Virginia delegates to the first Continental Congress; daughter Jane born
1775 March - Elected as a delegate to the second Continental Congress; "A Declaration of the Causes & Necessity for Taking Up Arms" address; drafts Continental Congress Resolutions
1776 A Summary View of the Rights of British America; mother dies; attends the second Continental Congress; writes Declaration of Independence; serves in the House of Delegates; serves in the Virginia House in Williamsburg
1777 Son born in May dies in June
1778 Daughter Mary is born
1779 Elected governor of Virginia for a one-year term; submits "Statute for Religious Freedom" to Virginia House
1780 James Monroe begins legal studies with Jefferson; Jefferson is re-elected governor of Virginia; Notes on the State of Virginia published; daughter Lucy born
1782 Daughter Lucy born, wife Martha dies
1783 Elected a delegate to Congress from Virginia
1784 "Report of a Plan of Government for the Western Territoy"; sails for France
1785 Succeeds Benjamin Franklin as minister to France
1787 Travels through the south of France and in northern Italy
1788 travels through Holland and central Europe; writes "Hints to Americans Travelling in Europe"
1789 Attends the opening of the French Estates-General and its debates at Versailles; helps Lafayette draft a charter of rights; returns home to Virginia on 23 November
1790 Begins secretary of state appointment under George Washington; "Report on the Subject of Measures, Weights, and Coins"
1791 "Opinion of the Constitutionality of the Bill for Establishing a National Bank"
1793 Resigns as Secretary of State over debate on the French Revolution
1794 Elected vice president under John Adams
1797 Again elected vice president
1800 "Manual of Parliamentary Practice"
1801 Elected President (first president inaugurated in Washington DC)
1804 Jefferson is re-elected president
1809 Retires from public service and returns to Monticello
1819 Helps found University of Virginia
1821 Writes Autobiography
1826 Dies 4 July in Virginia, over $100,000 in debt

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