- Attila - the Scourge of God [Chronology]
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Attila the Hun
(406 - 453)

406 Attila is born (date approximate), nephew to King Rugila
418 Attila is exchanged as a hostage to Rome. He spends two years there
434 Attila and his brother, Bleda, succeed their uncle as leaders of the Huns
435 East Roman Emperor Theodosius II offers Attila and Bleda 660 pounds of gold annually with hopes of securing an everlasting peace
441 Huns attack the Eastern Roman Empire
446 Bleda dies, Attila is sole ruler
450 Honoria (sister of the Western Roman emperor, Valentinian III) sends Attila a ring and requests his help, he demands half of the Western Roman Empire as dowry
451 Attila invades Gaul and is defeated at the Plains of Chalons by allied Romans and Visigoths
452 The Huns invade Italy, Pope Leo I dissuades Attila from sacking Rome
453 Attila dies on the night of his marriage to Ildico

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