- Richard I, the Lionheart - The Absent King [Chronology]
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Richard I
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Richard I (the Lionhearted)
(1157 - 1199)

1157 Born 9 September to Henry II. and Eleanor of Aquitaine
1168 Invested with Eleanor of Aquitaine's duchy of Aquitaine
1172 Invested with the duchy of Poitiers
1173 Revolts aginast his father, Henry II of England, with his brothers Henry the 'Young King' and Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany.
1175 Crushes revolt in Aquitaine
1183 Brother, Henry the 'Young King', dies
1187 The capture of Jerusalem by Saladin inspires Richard to take the cross, along with German Emperor Frederick I and French King Philip Augustus
1188 Does homage to Philip Augustus at the Conference of Bonmoulins
1189 Father, Henry II, dies - Richard succeeds to the throne of England; releases Queen Eleanor from prison
1190 Departs for the Holy Land
1191 Defeats the forces of Saladin at Arsuf; marries Bernegaria of Navarre, daughter of Sancho VI, King of Navarre
1192 Is taken prisoner in Austria on his return from the Third Crusade
1194 Is freed from captivity in Germany, after England pays a ransom of 150,000 marks; Richard spends little time in England - leaving it to be goverened by Hubert Walter while he returned to France
1199 Richard I is killed by an arrow on 6 April, at the siege of the castle of Chaluz in France

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