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Edward I
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Edward I (Longshanks)
(1239 - 1307)

1205 Second Statute of Westminster
1238 Born on 17 June to Henry III and Eleanor of Provence
1254 May, Edward goes to Gascony to take possession of his inheritance; marries Eleanor (half-sister of Alphonso X of Castile)
1255 Stillborn daughter born
1264 Daughter, Katherine, dies; daughter Eleanor born in June (dies in October of same year); start of 2nd Baron's War
1265 Daughter Joan born, dies the same year
1266 Son, John, born - he dies at the age of 5
1268 Son, Henry born - he dies at the age of 6
1271 Daughter born in Palestine - lives only a few months
1271 Leaves on 9th crusade with wife Eleanor; daughter Joan of Acre born
1272 Henry III dies, Edward recognized as king by the barons
1273 Son, Alphonso, Earl of Chester, born
1274 Finally arrives in England, crowned 19 August at Westminster Abbey
1275 The First Statute of Westminster; daughter, Margaret, born
1276 Daughter, Berengaria, born - she dies before second birthday
1276 First campaign against the Welsh
1278 Daughter born - dies shortly after birth
1279 Statute of Mortmain; daughter, Mary, born
1282 Daughter, Elizabeth of Rhuddlan born
1283 Statute of Merchants
1284 Son, Edward II, born
1290 Edict of Expusion - Edward banishes all Jews from the country; The Third Statute of Westminster("Quia Emptores"); Queen Eleanor dies
1291 Scottish nobles allow King Edward of England to select the next Scottish King and declare allegiance to the English crown
1296 Beginning of the 1st War of Scottish Independence
1299 Marries Marguerite of France (daughter of King Philippe III of France)
1300 Son, Thomas, 1st Earl of Norfolk, born
1301 Names son (Edward II) "Prince of Wales" - a title still granted to all first-born male heirs to the crown; son, Edmund, 1st Earl of Kent, born
1305 Issues the first trailbaston commissions
1306 Daughter, Eleanor, born - she dies in 1311
1307 Dies July 7 while leading his army to Scotland

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