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William I
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William I (the Conqueror)
(1028 - 1087)

1027 (or 1028) William is born in Normandy, the illegitimate son of Robert of Normandy and Arlette of Conteville
1034 William's father persuades the Norman barons to recognise William as heir, then leaves on a pilgrimage
1035 William's father dies, William is Duke of Normandy
1050 Marries Matilda of Flanders (year approx)
1051 Visits England, and Edward the Confessor
1066 Defeats Harold II and the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings - William is crowned King of England
1067 Suppresses a Saxon revolt in the southwest of England
1068 Puts down a revolt led by Edwin and Morcar, grandsons of Leofric of Mercia, then lays waste to the northern counties of England.
1070 At William's request papal legates depose five English bishops; replaces Stigand, the Anglo-Saxon Archbishop of Canterbury with Lanfranc of Bec
1071 Suppresses revolt led by Hereward the Wake in East Anglia
1072 Invades Scotland, Malcolm III pays homage to him
1079 William's son, Robert, leads a rebellion in Normandy - he is defeated at the battle of Gerberoi
1080 William refuses to pay homage to the Pope
1082 Odo, Bishop of Bayeux - William's half-brother - is arrested for conspiracy
1085 William orders survey of the shired of England - the information is recorded in the Domesday Book
1087 William dies on 9 September after a fall from his horse

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