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(994 - 1035)

1013 Accompanies his father on his successful invasion of England in August
1014 Father dies and Canute is proclaimed king of England by the Danish army; the assembly of magnates refuse to accept him and instead vote to restore the defeated king Ethelred the Unready; Canute sails back to Denmark
1015 Canute - with Erik of Lade, Thorkell the High, and the Earl Eadric - invades England; son, Sweyn Estridsen, born to AElgifu
1016 King Ethelred dies and Edmund Ironside is proclaimed king; after a battle at Ashingdon, Essex, Edmund sues for peace and they divide the kingdom; Edmund dies in November - leaving Canute the sole ruler
1016 Son Harold Harefoot born to AElgifu
1017 Canute acclaimed king by the Witenagemot in January; marries Ethelred's widow Emma of Normandy, daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy in July; divides the kingdom into four earldoms: Wessex, Mercia, East Anglia and Northumbria
1018 Canute's elder brother Harold dies, Canute inherits the Danish throne; Canute's son, Hardicanute, is born to Emma of Normandy
1020 Canute lays claim to Norway, eventually capturing it and putting his son Svein and his mistress Aelfgifu to govern it
1020 Codifies England's laws (date approx)
1026 Canute's regent in Denmark, Ulf, allies with the kings of Norway and Sweden against him; they defeat Canute at the Battle of the Holy River, and terms are struck; shortly thereafter Ulf is killed
1026 Olaf Haraldson, king of Norway, and Anund Jakob, king of Sweden, attempt to conquer Denmark - Canute subdues the attempt
1027 Pilgrimage to Rome; attends the coronation of the emperor Conrad II
1028 Canute drives out the Norwegian king, Olaf II Haraldsson, and takes the Norwegian crown
1035 Dies 12 November
995 Born in Denmark to king Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark and Gunhild (formerly Swiatoslawa daughter of Mieszko I of Poland)

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