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Henry II
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Henry II, Curtmantle
(1133 - 1189)

1133 Born 5 March to Geoffrey Plantagenet and Matilda, daughter of Henry I
1142 Travels to England
1150 Becomes lord of Normandy
1151 Father dies, becomes lord of Anjou
1152 Marries Eleanor of Aquitaine
1153 Treaty of Westminster - Stephen keeps the throne under the condition that Henry become his heir
1154 Stephen dies, Henry II accedes to the throne
1155 Appoints Thomas Becket Chancellor of England; Pope Adrian IV issues the papal bull Laudabiliter, which gives Henry authority to invade Ireland and bring its Church under the control of Rome
1162 Appoints Thomas Becket Archbishop of Canterbury
1164 Constitutions of Clarendon, quarrel with Becket
1166 Assize of Clarendon; beginning of the English settlement of Ireland
1170 Becket murdered
1171 Henry is accepted as Lord of Ireland; Council of Cashel
1173 Henry's sons, Henry, Richard, and Geoffrey, lead a rebellion against him
1176 Assize of Northampton
1189 Henry dies on 6 July

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