- John Dickinson - Penman of the Revolution [Chronology]
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John Dickinson
(1732 - 1808)

1732 Born 2 November in Maryland
1740 Family moves to Delaware
1750 Studies law with John Moland in Philadelphia
1753 Studies at London's Middle Temple in England
1757 Practices law in Philadelphia
1759 Elected to the Assembly in the Lower Counties (of Delaware)
1762 Wins a seat as a Philadelphia member in the Pennsylvania assembly
1765 Represents Pennsylvania at the Stamp Act Congress
1767 Begins "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania"
1770 Marries Mary Norris on 19 July
1771 Drafts petition to the king; daughter Sally born
1773 Son Isaac born
1774 Chairs the Philadelphia committee of correspondence; attends First Continental Congress; daughter Mary born
1775 Attends Second Continental Congress, writes "Declaration of the Causes of Taking Up Arms"
1776 Votes against Declaration of Independence and refuses to sign it; enters Pennsylvania militia with the rank of Brigadier General; son John born; authors first draft of the Articles of Confederation
1777 Dickinson frees his slaves; serves in the Kent County Militia
1779 Serves in the Continental Congress, signs the Articles of Confederation
1781 President (governor) of Delaware
1782 Chosen president of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania
1783 Daughter Maria born; helps establish Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA
1786 Attends and chairs the Annapolis Convention
1787 Represents Delaware at the Constitutional Convention
1791 Chairman of Delaware's constitutional convention
1808 Dies 14 February
~ Receives an honorary LL.D. from the College of New Jersey (later Princeton)

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