- Samuel Adams - Helmsman of the American Revolution [Chronology]
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Samuel Adams
(1722 - 1803)

1722 Born 27 October in Boston, MA
1740 Graduates Harvard College
1743 Graduates from Harvard College with a Master of Arts degree in
1764 Business fails, enters politics full-time
1765 Elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives; member of the Massachusetts general court
1767 Organises opposition to the Townshend Acts
1768 Involved in the formation of the Non-Importation Association; drafts the Massachusetts Circular Letter
1772 Devises Committees of Correspondence
1773 Helps organise the Boston Tea Party
1774 Serves in first Continental Congress; proponent of the Suffolk Resolves
1775 Serves in second Continental Congress
1776 Signs Declaration of Independence; organises the revolutionary Sons of Liberty in Mass.
1779 Member of the Massachusetts state constitutional convention
1781 President of the Massachusetts state senate
1788 Serves in the Massachusetts state constitutional convention
1789 Serves as Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor
1793 John Hancock dies, Adams becomes Governor of Massachusetts
1794 Re-elected Governor of Massachusetts
1803 Samuel Adams dies 2 October in Boston

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