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Benedict Arnold
(1741 - 1801)

1741 Born 14 January in Norwich, Connecticut
1756 Apprenticeship as an apothecary
1756 Runs away from home and enlists in the Connecticut army
1758 Runs away from home to join the army during the French and Indian War, is returned at his mother's request
1759 Mother dies
1760 Again enlists in army, serves in NY
1761 Father dies
1762 Moves to New Haven, CT - works as an apothecary and bookseller
1767 Marries Margaret Mansfield on 22 February
1775 Captures Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys in May; resigns commission in June after dispute with Hinman; fails to capture Quebec in December (is wounded in the leg); wife dies
1776 Jan - promoted to brigadier general; Spring - - evacuates Montreal; Summer - accusations of misconduct over "plundering" in Montreal; Oct - fights a series of naval battles on Lake Champlain
1777 Feb - promoted to major general; April - drives the British out of Danbury; July - resigned his commission because of a quarrel with Congress over his rank (he withdraws it at Washington's request); Sept - relieved of command by Gates for insubordination
1778 Washington awards Arnold with the command of Philadelphia
1779 April - Marries Margaret Shippen; Summer - Arnold court martialed, charged by the Pennsylvania Council with using his military office for private gain; begins sending military intelligence to the British commander-in-chief, Sir Henry Clinton
1780 Commissioned a brigadier general in the British army
1780 Given the command of West Point in July - offers to surrender it to the British for 20,000 pounds
1781 Jan - attacks and burns Richmond, VA, invades New London, CT; moves to England in December
1785 Immigrates to New Brunswick intending to resume the occupation of a West Indian trader
1792 Returns to England; duel with the Earl of Lauderdale after the latter had impugned his honour in the House of Lords
1793 Establishes a West Indian trading company, volunteers under Sir Charles Grey, the British army commander in the West Indies, acting as an agent of West Indian commercial interests and assisting in the supply service
1795 Returns to England
1801 Dies 14 June in London

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