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Andrew Jackson
(1767 - 1845)

1767 Born 15 March
1780 Joins the Continental Army as a courier
1781 Jackson captured by the British
1785 Studies law with Mr. Spruce McCay in Salisbury, North Carolina
1787 Jackson admitted to the bar
1788 Jackson settles in Tennessee
1792 Believing she is divorced, Jackson marries Rachel Donelson Robards
1794 Re-marries Rachel upon finding out that her divorce had not been finalized as they had previously thought
1795 Duel with fellow lawyer Avery
1796 Tennessee's first Congressman
1797 Elected Senator (resigns within the year)
1798 Appointed judge on the Tennessee Supreme Court
1801 Joins the Tennessee militia
1806 Duel with Charles Dickinson - Dickinson is killed
1808 Andrew and Rachel adopt Andrew Jackson - the son of Severn and Elizabeth Rucker Donelson
1812 Commands in the Creek War and War of 1812
1813 Andrew and Rachel adopt Lyncoya, a Creek Indian orphan
1813 Duel with Thomas H. Benton
1817 Commands in 1st Seminole War in Florida, is named territorial governor after Florida is ceded by Spain
1824 Runs for president, receiving a plurality of both the popular and electoral votes (but not a majority), the House of Representatives choses J.Q. Adams
1828 Elected President; wife, Rachel, dies two weeks after election; beginning of the "nullification crisis"
1830 Indian Removal Act
1832 Jackson re-elected; vetoed renewal of Second Bank of the United States
1833 Signed Force Bill
1836 Executive Order: Specie Circular
1845 Dies 8 June

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