- Henry Clay - The Great Compromiser [Chronology]
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Henry Clay
(1777 - 1852)

1777 Born 12 April in Virginia
1781 Father dies
1791 Mother moves to Kentucky
1792 Goes to work for George Wythe
1796 Studies law under Robert Brooke
1797 Admitted to the bar, opens practice in Lexington, KY
1799 Marries Lucretia Hart
1803 Elected to state legislature
1805 Law professor at Transylvania University
1806 Sent to U.S. Senate
1807 Elected to state legislature and Speaker of the House
1809 Elected to U.S. Senate
1811 Elected to U.S. House of Representatives and Speaker of the House
1814 Peace Commissioner at Ghent
1816 Presides at formation of American Colonization Society
1821 Authors the second Missouri Compromise
1824 Appointed Secretary of State under John Quincy Adams
1828 Rejects offer of appointment to Supreme Court
1829 Returns to Lexington to farm and practice law
1831 Elected U.S. Senate; nominated for Presidency
1832 Authors Compromise Tariff Act
1836 Elected President of American Colonization Society
1842 Resigns as U.S. Senator
1844 Nominated for Presidency
1849 Returns to U.S. Senate
1850 Authors Compromise of 1850
1851 Resigns from U.S. Senate
1852 Dies 29 June in Washington D.C.

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