- James K. Polk - "Napoleon of the Stump" [Chronology]
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James K. Polk
(1795 - 1849)

1795 Born 2 November in North Carolina
1806 Family moves to Tennessee
1813 Attends local religious school
1815 Admitted to the University of North Carolina as a sophomore
1818 Graduates from University of North Carolina
1819 Studies under renowned Nashville trial attorney Felix Grundy
1820 Admitted to the bar
1821 Appointed Chief Clerk of the Senate of Tennessee
1822 Defeats an incumbent for a seat in the Tennessee Legislature
1824 Marries Sarah Childress on 1 January; elected to the U.S. Congress
1835 Serves two terms as Speaker of the House
1839 Elected governor
1841 Fails to be re-elected governor
1843 Again fails to be re-elected governor
1844 Defeats Henry Clay in the Presidential election
1846 May, Sends declaration of war to Congress; the Walker Tariff Act and the Treasury Act pass Congress; Oregon Treaty
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
1849 Returns to Tennessee in March, 1849; dies 15 June of cholera

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