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Mary Stuart
(1542 - 1587)

1542 8 December: Mary is born at Linlithgow Palace
14 December: James V dies, Mary succeeds to the throne
1543 1 July: Treaty of Greenwich signed - Mary betrothed to Edward VI
9 September: Mary officially crowned Queen of Scotland
11 December: Treaty of Greenwich overturned
1548 13 August: Mary arrives in France
1548 7 July: Treaty of Haddington - Scotland is to become a protectorate of France, and marriage is arranged between Mary and the dauphin of France
1558 24 April: Mary and François are married in Notre Dame Cathedral
1559 10 July: Henri II dies, François and Mary are King and Queen of France
1560 6 July: Treaty of Edinburgh - French and English troops withdraw from Scotland, Mary and François renounce claim to the English crown
5 December: François dies leaving Mary the throne. Catherine de Medici claims regency on behalf of Charles IX
1561 14 August: Mary sets sail for England
1565 22 May: Mary makes Darnley Earl of Ross
22 July: Mary marries Darnley at Holyrood Palace
1566 19 June: James I is born at Edinburgh Castle
1567 February: Darnley murdered
24 April: Mary taken to Dunbar by Bothwell
7 May: Bothwell divorced from wife
15 May: Bothwell and Mary marry
24 July: Mary abdicates

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