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Herbert Clark Hoover
(1874 - 1964)

1874 Born 10 August
1880 Father dies
1883 Mother dies
1885 Moves to Newberg, Oregon to become the ward of his uncle John Minthorn
1891 Enters Leland Stanford Junior University in California
1895 Graduates from Stanford University with a degree in geology
1897 Works as an engineer in Australia
1899 Marries Lou Henry
1899 Works overseeing the development of coal mines in China
1900 Hoovers are in China during the Boxer Rebellion
1903 Son, Herbert Jr., born
1907 Son, Allan, born
1914 Head of the Commission for the Relief of Belgium
1917 Woodrow Wilson appoints Hoover head of the American Food Administration
1919 Member of the Supreme Economic Council and head of the American Relief Administration
1921 Hoover becomes Secretary of Commerce
1922 "American Individualism" published
1927 Hoover organises relief efforts after the Great Mississippi Flood
1928 Successfully runs for president
1929 Beginning of the Great Depression
1930 Signs (reluctantly) Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
1931 Hoover Moratorium
1932 Unsuccessfully runs for president - loses to Franklin Roosevelt
1934 The Challenge of Liberty published
1942 America's First Crusade published
1947 President Truman appoints Hoover to a commission, which becomes known as the Hoover Commission
1958 The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson published
1964 Dies 20 October

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