- Edward the Elder [Chronology]
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Edward (the Elder) of Wessex
(874 - 924)

874 Edward the Elder born to Alfred the Great and Elswith (date approx.)
893 Marries (?) noblewoman named Egwina (Ecgwynn) - she bears King Æthelstan and Edith (who later marries Sihtric, the Norse king of York)
899 Father dies, rebellion breaks out in favour of Æthelwold, son of King Aethelred I
900 Egwina set aside, Edward marries Aelflaed (Ælfflæd). She bears Ælfweard, king of England for less than a month; Eadwine; the nun Eadflæd; the lay recluse Æthelhild; Eadgifu who married Charles the Simple, king of the Franks; Eadhild who married Hugh the Great, duke of the Franks; another daughter Ælfgifu; and Edith who married the German Emperor Otto I
902 13 December - Battle of the Holme, Edward defeats Æthelwold
906 Edward makes peace with the East Anglian and Northumbrian Danes
910 English forces defeat the Danish northern army; Anglian forces defeat the Danes of East Anglia
911 Northumbrians plunder East Anglia
917 East Anglia conquered
918 Mercians submit to Edward
919 Marries Eadgifu, who bears Edmund the Magnificent; Eadred, king of England; the nun Eadburh; and Eadgifu who married Louis of Aquitaine
920 The king of the Scots, Rægnald, the Northumbrians, Danes, the Norse and the Welsh of Strathclyde submit to Edward
924 Edward dies on 17 July

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