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William II (Rufus)
(1056 - 1100)

1057 Third son of William I and Matilda of Flanders is born - he will be William II
1087 Accedes to the throne on the death of his father, the title of Duke of Normandy is given to his brother Robert
1088 Suppresses a baronial rebellion in Normandy led by his uncle Odo of Bayeu
1091 Defeats an invasion of England led by Malcolm III of Scotland
1093 Anselm, succeeds Lanfranc Archbishop of Canterbury
1093 Malcolm III and the Scots invade England again, but they are defeated and Malcolm is killed at the Battle of Alnwick
1095 Suppresses a baronial revolt in Northumbria by Robery Mowbray Earl of Northumberland
1096 Robert, Duke of Normandy mortgages Normandy for 10,000 marks, enabling him to go on crusade
1097 Anselm and William II quarrel, Anselm is exiled, and William siezes his estates
1098 William invades North Wales to suppress a Welsh rebellion against the Norman border lords
1100 William is killed by an arrow while out hunting with friends on 2 August

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