- Henry I Beauclerc "Lion of Justice" [Chronology]
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Henry I (Beauclerc)
(1068 - 1135)

1068 Born in September, the fourth son of William the Conqueror
1086 Knighted by his father
1090 Suppresses a revolt fomented by Rufus
1100 Brother William (II) dies, Henry siezes the throne before his older brother Robert Curthose returns from the Crusades; issues Charter of Liberties; marries Edith (she takes the name Matilda), daughter of Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland
1101 Robert's invasion; Henry agrees to pay Robert a pension to keep England
1102 Revolt of the Montgomeries, Robert de Belleme expelled; daughter Adelaide born
1103 Son William (known as the Aetheling) born
1106 Battle of Trenchbrai - Henry's brother Robert Curthose is captured and spends the rest of his life in captivity
1106 Defeats Duke Robert, conquers Normandy for England
1107 Renounces lay investiture but insists that prelates continue to pay homage to the king
1114 Henry's daughter, Adelaide, marries the Emperor of Germany, Henry V (she changes her name to Matilda)
1118 Henry spends the year in Normandy defending it against attack from the King of France, the Count of Anjou and the Count of Flanders; Henry's wife, Matilda dies
1120 Son William dies in the wreck of the White Ship
1121 Henry marries Adeliza [Adela, Adeleine, Adelaide], daughter of Geoffrey, Count of Louvain, Duke of Lower Brabant and Lower Lorraine
1125 Emperor Henry V, of Germany, husband to Henry's only surviving legitimate daughter Matilda, dies. Matilda is recalled to England, the barons are forced to swear to acknowledge the unpopular Matilda as rightful Queen in the event of his death.
1128 Matilda is married to Geoffrey Plantagenet
1135 Henry dies at Rouen in December

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