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(1102 - 1169)

1102 Born in February - to Henry I of England and his wife Maud of Scotland (herself daughter of Malcolm III Canmore and St. Margaret of Scotland)
1109 Betrothed to Emperor Henry V of Germany at the age of seven or eight
1111 Sent to Germany to begin her training as Henry V's consort
1114 Marries Henry V on on 7 January
1120 Elder brother William (heir to the throne of England) dies in the White Ship disaster
1125 Emperor Henry V of Germany dies; Matilda called back to England by her father, Henry I
1126 Henry compels Stephen and the rest of his barons to acknowledge the empress Matilda as their future ruler
1128 Marries the 14 year old Geoffrey Plantagenet
1133 Son, Henry II, born
1134 Son, Geoffrey, born
1135 Henry I dies, Stephen (Matilda's cousin) lays claim to the throne
1136 Son, William, born
1138 Robert, Earl of Gloucester, a half-brother of Matilda, joins with Matilda to unseat Stephen from the throne and install Matilda, sparking a full-fledged civil war (the Time of Anarchy)
1139 Matilda lands in England
1140 Matilda's forces capture Stephen - he is imprisoned, and Matilda styles herself "Lady of the English"
1141 Matilda welcomed to London by the Bishop of Winchester (Henry of Blois, Stephen's brother), who had recently switched sides to support Matilda; Matilda's demands on the City of London so insult the populace that they throw her out before her formal coronation can happen; Stephen's brother Henry changes sides again and joins with Stephen; Stephen's forces take Robert of Gloucestor prisoner, and Matilda is forced to release Stephen in exchange for Robert
1147 Robert of Gloucester dies, Matilda returns to France in defeat
1151 Geoffrey, Matilda's husband, dies
1152 Treaty of Wallingford - makes provision for the English crown to pass to Matilda's son, Henry
1153 Treaty of Westminster - allows Stephen to remain King of England for life; states that Stephen had adopted Henry Plantagenet as his heir; and that Stephen's second son, William, inherits all Stephen's baronial lands
1154 Stephen dies and Matilda's son, Henry II, takes the throne
1169 Dies 10 September at Rouen

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