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Charles I
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Charles I
(1600 - 1649)

1600 Born 19 November
1604 Leaves Scotland to live in England
1612 His elder brother, Henry, Prince of Wales, dies
1616 Investiture as Prince of Wales at Westminster
1623 Travels to Spain to look for a bride
1625 Ascends the throne on 27 March; marries Henrietta Maria by proxy in June
1626 The Act of Revocation is passed in Scotland reforming ownership of Church lands; Parliament attempts to impeach Buckingham and is dissolved by Charles
1627 England goes to war with France, but at La Rochelle the Duke of Buckingham fails to relieve the besieged Huguenots
1628 The Petition of Right is presented to the King, he agrees under protest
1629 Charles dissolves Parliament; appoints Laud & Wentworth as advisers to rule without Parliament
1632 Issues charter for colony of Maryland
1633 William Laud appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
1636 Issues the Book of Canons reorganizing the Scottish Church along English lines; the General Assembly abolishes Charles I's reforms & re-establishes Presbyterianism
1637 Scots sign National Covenant
1639 First Bishops' War between Charles I and the Scottish Church; ends with Pacification of Dunse
1640 Charles summons Short Parliament, which lasts three weeks; Long Parliament summoned, which lasts until 1660
1641 Triennial Act ; the Star Chamber and Court of High Commission are both abolished; Catholics in Ireland revolt - ~30,000 Protestants massacred; Grand Remonstrance of Parliament to Charles I
1642 Charles fails in his attempt to arrest five leading members of the Commons, including his chief critic, John Pym; Civil War begins
1643 Solemn League and Covenant is signed by Parliament
1645 Formation of Cromwell's New Model Army; Charles I defeated by Parliamentary forces
1646 Charles I surrenders to the Scots
1647 Scots surrender Charles I to Parliament; he escapes to the Isle of Wright; makes secret treaty with Scots
1648 Scots invade England and are defeated by Cromwell; Presbyterians expelled from Parliament (the Rump Parliament); Treaty of Westphalia ends Thirty Years' War
1649 Charles is beheaded on 30 January

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