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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(1882 - 1945)

1882 Born 30 January
1903 Receives B.A. in History from Harvard
1905 Marries Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
1906 Daughter, Anna Eleanor, born
1907 Graduates Columbia Law School
1907 Son, James, born
1909 Son, Franklin Delano, Jr., born (dies six months later)
1910 Successfully runs for New York State Senate; son, Elliott, born
1912 Assistant Secretary of the United States Navy under Woodrow Wilson
1914 A second Franklin Delano, Jr. born; affair with Lucy Mercer begins
1916 Son, John, born
1920 Nominated for Vice-President on the ticket with James Cox - is defeated
1921 Roosevelt contracts a paralytic illness - widely believed to be polio, but may have been Guillain-Barré syndrome
1927 Founds The Georgia Warm Springs Foundation for polio victims
1928 Elected Governor of New York
1932 Elected President
1933 Begins First Hundred Days of New Deal legislation
1935 Roosevelt creates the Works Progress Administration to create jobs; signs the Social Security Act
1936 Re-elected President
1940 Again, re-elected President
1944 Re-elected President
1945 Dies 12 April

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