- Thomas Paine - Father of American Freedom [Chronology]
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Thomas Paine
(1737 - 1809)

1737 Born 29 January in Thetford, England
1749 Leaves school at 12, briefly apprentices to his father (a corseter)
1756 Goes to sea
1759 Marries Mary Lambert on 27 September, she dies within the year
1768 Works as a excise (tax) officer in England
1771 Marries Elizabeth Ollive on 26 March
1772 The Case of the Officers of Excise published
1774 Meets Benjamin Franklin, emigrates to England; legally separates from wife Elizabeth
1775 African Slavery in America published; co-editor of the Pennsylvania Magazine; helps found one of the first abolitionist societies
1776 Common Sense published, Paine donates most of the proceeds to the revolutionary army; begins The Crisis
1777 Appointed Secretary of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in Congress
1779 Resigns as Secretary of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in Congress; is appointed him clerk of the state assembly
1780 Public Good published
1781 Travels to France to raise funds for the army
1787 Leaves for England
1789 Visits France to see new regime - spends next several years travelling back and forth between England and France
1791 Begins The Rights of Man
1792 Paine convicted of treason and banished from England; elected to the National Convention in France
1793 Imprisoned in France for voting against the execution of Louis XVI
1794 Released from prison with the help of James Madison; begins The Age of Reason
1795 Paine's seat in the Convention is restored; Dissertation on First Principles of Government published
1797 Agrarian Justice published
1802 Returns to America by invitation of Thomas Jefferson
1809 Dies 8 June in New York City

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