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John Locke
(1632 - 1704)

1632 Born 29 August
1647 Attends Westminster School in London
1652 Locke goes to Christ Church College, Oxford
1656 Locke graduates B.A.
1658 Locke graduates M.A.
1660 Writes first treatise on the Civil Magistrate
1661 Locke's father dies
1664 Locke is "Censor of Moral Philosophy" at Christ Church; writes the Essays on the Law of Nature
1665 Visits Cleves as part of a diplomatic mission accompanying Sir Henry Vane to the Elector of Brandenburg
1667 Moves to London as Lord Ashley's personal physician
1668 Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society
1670 Locke (under the supervision of Shaftsbury) writes the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina
1671 First draft of the Essay Concerning Human Understanding; secretary to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina
1672 Visits Paris
1675 Returns to Paris
1679 Locke returns to England
1683 Locke flees to Holland following the Rye House Plot to kill Charles II
1684 Locke expelled from his studentship at Christ Church College, Oxford, by Royal command
1689 Locke returns to England escorting the princess of Orange, who later became Queen Mary; The Essay Concerning Human Understanding is published
1690 The Two Treatises of Civil Government are published
1691 Moves to Oates, the residence of Sir Francis and Lady Masham
1693 Some Thoughts Concerning Education published
1695 The Reasonableness of Christianity and A Vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity published
1696 Appointed to Board of Trade
1697 A second Vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity
1704 Dies 28 October

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