- The Lyrical William Wordsworth [Chronology]
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William Wordsworth
(1770 - 1850)

1770 Born 7 April in Lake District
1777 Mother dies, separated from sister Dorothy and attends Hawkshead Grammar School
1783 Father dies
1787 Attends St. John's College, Cambridge
1789 An Evening Walk published
1790 Walking tour of France, Switzerland, and Germany
1791 Degree from Cambridge; returns to France
1792 Illegitimate daughter Caroline born
1793 Descriptive Sketches published
1794 Reunited with Dorothy
1795 Meets Coleridge, inherits legacy of 900
1795 Moves form London to Dorset; Dorothy (his sister) joins him and they never live apart again
1798 Lyrical Ballads published anonymously
1798 Spends winter in Germany with Dorothy
1799 Settles at Dove Cottage, Grasmere
1802 Marries, 4 October, Mary Hutchinson
1803 Son John born
1804 Finishes "Intimations Ode"
1805 Elegiac Stanzas published
1807 Poems, in two volumes
1812 Two of his children die
1813 Settles at Rydal Mount
1814 The Excursion published
1815 Collected Poems
1819 Peter Bell and The Waggoner
1822 Ecclesiastical Sketches published
1825 Yarrow Revisited, and Other Poems
1828 Tours the Rhineland with Coleridge
1842 Poems, Chiefly of Early and Late Years published
1843 Succeeds Southey as poet laureate
1850 The Prelude publish
1850 Dies at Rydal Mount 23 April

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