- The Spiritual Politics of Ralph Waldo Emerson [Chronology]
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Ralph Waldo Emerson
(1803 - 1882)

1803 Born 25 May in Boston
1811 Father, William Emerson, dies
1812 Attends Boston Latin School until 1817
1821 Attends Harvard College until 1825
1822 First article published, in The Christian Disciple
1825 Admitted to Harvard Divinity School
1827 Serves as "supply" preacher until 1829
1829 Marries Ellen Tucker on 10 September; is ordained as junior minister of Second Church in Boston
1831 Wife Ellen dies of tuberculosis in February
1832 Resigns from Second Church; travels to Italy, France, England and Scotland
1833 "The Uses of Natural History", lecture at the Masonic Temple, Boston
1833 Meets Coleridge and Wordsworth; embraces Transcendentalism
1834 Settles in Concord
1835 "Biography" lectures from January to March; "English Literature" lectures from November thru January 1836
1835 Marries Lydia Jackson on 14 September
1836 "Nature" published; helps form Transcendental Club; son Waldo is born
1837 "The American Scholar" address at Harvard; "The Concord Hymn" written
1838 "Divinity School Address" at Harvard; "Literary Ethics" lecture at Dartmouth
1839 Daughter Ellen born; "The Present Age" lectures from December thru February, 1840
1841 "Essays" (First Series) - published; Thoreau moves in with Emerson; daughter Edith born
1842 Son Waldo dies; lectures in New York and meets Henry James; assumes editorship of The Dial; visits Shaker community with Nathaniel Hawthorne
1843 Lecture series "New England
1844 "Essays: Second Series" published; son Edward born; "Emancipation in the British West Indies" address
1845 Lecture series "Representative Men" from December thru January 1846
1846 Poems published
1847 Travels again to England and France
1849 "Nature; Addresses and Lectures" published
1850 "Representative Men" published; lecture tour in western U.S.
1852 Another western lecture tour from December thru January 1853
1854 Lectures on poetry at Harvard Divinity School; meets Walt Whitman
1856 "English Traits" published
1860 "The Conduct of Life" published
1861 Physically attacked at Tremont Temple by pro-slavery agitators
1862 Meets Abraham Lincoln
1866 Awarded honorary doctorate at Harvard College
1867 "May-Day and Other Pieces" published; elected Harvard "Overseer"
1870 "Society and Solitude" published; "The Natural History of the Intellect", lecture series
1871 Travels to California, meets John Muir, famed naturalist; second Harvard lecture series
1872 Emerson's home burns down
1872 Third trip to Europe
1874 "Parnassus" published
1875 "Letters and Social Aims" published
1876 Lectures at University of Virginia
1882 Dies in Concord on 27 April

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