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Harriet Beecher Stowe
(1811 - 1896)

1811 Born 14 June in Connecticut
1816 Mother dies
1823 Studies at Hartford Female Seminary
1832 Harriet moves with her family to Cincinnati, Ohio
1833 Teaches at the Western Female Institute, An Elementary Geography written
1836 Marries Calvin Stowe 5 January; Twin daughters, Eliza and Harriet, born later in the year
1838 Son, Henry, born
1840 Son, Frederick, born
1843 Short story collection, The Mayflower is published; daughter, Georgianna, born
1848 Son, Samuel, born
1849 Son, Samuel, dies
1850 Family moves to Maine; son, Charles, born
1851 Uncle Tom's Cabin begins serial publication in the abolitionist newspaper, The National Era
1853 A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin published; family moves to Andover, Massachusetts; Harriet visits the British Isles
1854 Sunny Memories published
1856 Dred: A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp published; Harriet visits Britain and Europe
1857 Son, Henry, dies
1858 Our Charley published
1859 The Minister's Wooing published; Harriet again in Britain and Europe
1862 The Pearl of Orr's Island published; Harriet meets Abraham Lincoln
1863 Agnes of Sorrento published
1863 Sojourner Truth, The Libyan Sibyl published
1864 House and Home Papers published; family moves to Hartford, Connecticut; Harriet builds her dream house, Oakholm
1865 The Chimney Corner and Little Foxes published
1867 Religious Poems and Queer Little People published
1868 The Chimney Corner and Men of Our Times published
1869 Oldtown Folks published
1870 Son, Frederick, dies; Lady Byron Vindicated and Little Pussy Willow published
1871 The History of the Byron Controversy and Pink and White Tyranny: A Society Novel published
1872 Sam Lawson's Oldtown Fireside Stories and My Wife and I published
1873 Library of Famous Fiction, Palmetto Leaves, and Woman in Sacred History: A Series of Sketches Drawn from Scriptural, Historical and Legendary Sources published
1875 We and Our Neighbors: Records of an Unfashionable Street published
1876 Betty's Bright Idea published
1877 Footsteps of the Master published
1878 Poganuk People: Their Loves and Lives and Bible Heroines published
1881 Dog's Mission published
1886 Husband, Calvin, dies in August
1889 Son, Charles, compiles Harriet's letters and journals for an (auto)biography
1890 Daughter, Georgianna, dies
1896 Dies 1 July in Hartford, Connecticut

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