- The Deliberate Life of Henry David Thoreau [Chronology]
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Henry David Thoreau
(1817 - 1862)

1817 Henry David Thoreau born 12 July in Concord
1821 Family moves to Boston
1823 Family returns to Concord
1828 Studies at at Concord Academy until 1833
1833 Attends Harvard
1835 Teaches in Canton, MA until 1836; contracts tuberculosis
1837 Graduates from Harvard; teaches at the Center School in Concord (resigns after two weeks); goes to work in father's pencil factory
1838 Opens school in Concord with his brother and teaches there until 1841
1840 Joins the household of Ralph Waldo Emerson; proposes marriage to Ellen Sewall (she declines)
1843 Spends 6 months tutoring the children of Emerson's brother on Staten Island
1845 March - begins building cabin at Walden Pond, moves in 4 July
1846 July - Thoreau jailed for refusal to pay poll tax
1847 Summer - Thoreau returns from Walden Pond
1848 First lectures at Concord Lyceum
1849 Resistance to Civil Government published (later known as Civil Disobedience); A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers published
1854 Walden; or, Life in the Woods published; Thoreau delivers "Slavery in Massachusetts" address
1859 Father dies, Thoreau takes over the family business
1859 Thoreau delivers "A Plea for Captain John Brown" address in October
1862 Thoreau dies 6 May in Concord of tuberculosis
1863 Excursions published posthumously
1864 The Maine Woods published posthumously
1865 Cape Cod published posthumously
1865 Thoreau's letters are edited and published posthumously by Emerson
1866 A Yankee in Canada published posthumously
1895 Poems Of Nature published posthumously

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