- Richard Lovelace - seventeenth century Cavalier and metaphysical poet [Chronology]
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Richard Lovelace
(1618 - 1657)

1617 Born 6 December in Woolwich, Kent, England
1631 Appointed "Gentleman Wayter Extraordinary" to the king.
1634 Matriculates as Gentleman Commoner at Gloucester Hall, Oxford.
1635 The Scholars, a comedy
1636 Receives M.A. degree
1637 Enters Cambridge University
1638 Returns to the court of Charles I
1639 Appointed senior ensign in General Goring's regiment in the First Scottish Expedition
1640 Commissioned captain in the Second Scottish Expedition, reaches age of majority and inherits family property
1642 Chosen to present a Royalist petition to a hostile House of Commons, and is promptly arrested and imprisoned in the Gatehouse, London
1646 Wounded while fighting for the French against the Spaniards at Dunkirk
1647 Admitted to the Freedom of the Painters' Company
1648 Imprisoned again
1648 Licensed at the Stationer's Register
1649 Released from prison, Lucasta published
1658 Lovelace dies in London

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