- The Gentle Pessimism of William Makepeace Thackeray [Chronology]
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William Makepeace Thackeray
(1811 - 1863)

1811 Born 18 July in India (his father worked for the East India Co.)
1816 Father dies
1817 Sent to school (Chiswick Mall) in England, mother remarries (Captain Henry Carmichael-Smyth)
1820 Mother and new husband return to England
1822 Attends Charterhouse School at Smithfield (until 1828)
1829 Enters Trinity College, Cambridge
1830 Leaves Cambridge without a degree; travels on Continent, meets Goethe
1831 Studies law at the Middle Temple, London
1833 Buys the National Standard, which fails shortly
1834 Studies art in Paris
1836 Marries Isabella Shawe
1837 Daughter Anne Isabella born, the Constitution collapses
1840 Daughter Harriet Marian born; Isabella is committed to a mental institution where she remains for the rest of her life, two daughters live with his grandmother in Paris
1842 Visits Ireland and stays with the novelist Lever
1843 The Irish Sketchbook published
1844 Travels in Far East
1846 Daughters return to England to live with him
1848 Book of Snobs and Vanity Fair published
1850 Pendennis published
1851 Deliveres a series of lectures, English Humorists of the Eighteenth Century
1852 Tour of United States (lectures The English Humorists of the 18th Century), Henry Esmond published
1853 Serial The Newcomes (through 1855)
1855 Lectures in the United States, The Four Georges
1857 The Virginians published (through 1859)
1859 Starts Cornhill Magazine with George Smith
1860 Lovel the Widower published
1861 The Adventures of Philip published (through 1862)
1863 Dies 24 December of a cerebral haemorrhage

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