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Leigh Hunt
(1784 - 1859)

1784 Born 19 October at Southgate, Middlesex
1792 Attends school at Christ Hospital
1799 Leaves Christ Hospital
1801 Juvenilia published
1807 Classic Tales published
1808 Editor of the Examiner
1809 Marries Marianne
1810 Edits the Reflector for his brother; son, Thornton Leigh Hunt, is born
1813 Hunt is charged with libel after publishing an article criticizing the Prince Regent, he is imprisoned for two years
1816 Story of Rimini published; becomes friends with Shelley & Keats
1818 Foliage published
1819 Hero and Leander and Bacchus and Ariadne published; starts the Indicator; son is born
1821 Leaves for Italy
1823 Ultra-Crepidarius, a Satire on William Gifford published
1825 Returns to England
1828 Lord Byron and some of his Contemporaries published; son, Swinburne, dies
1830 Starts the Tatler
1834 Starts Leigh Hunt's London Journal
1837 Editor of the Monthly Repository
1840 The play Legend of Florence is performed at Covent Garden
1844 Imagination and Fancy published
1846 Wit and Humour published
1847 Men, Women and Books published; The crown grants a yearly pension to Hunt of 200
1848 The Town and A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla published
1849 A Book for a Corner published
1850 His Autobiography is published
1851 Table Talk published
1852 Hunt's son, Vincent, dies
1853 The Religion of the Heart published
1855 Stories in Verse and The Old Court Suburb published
1857 Hunt's wife, Marianne, dies
1859 Dies 28 August at Putney

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