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28 October, 2012
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About HumanitiesWeb

About this Site

This site is run by the owner of Heart's Ease website. What started there as a personal website with a few dozen pages about Pre-Raphaelite art and a favourite poet and composer or two, has become a 15,000 page humanities site that is accessed by nearly a million visitors a month. How it happened, I can barely tell you - readers would write in and request information about artists, poets, composers, and I would oblige with more pages (and more pages, and more pages...). Then the linking began - art to literature, music to art, poems to songs and paintings to poems; the site blossomed and grew, and more readers came with more questions and suggestions.

As Heart's Ease evolved, I began to have a vision of a new site - a humanities site that would show the interconnections, the web, the links between history and art and culture - and how each plays off and influences the others. It is my hope to integrate with, invite educators and experts to join in as writers and consultants, and create an entirely new experience for humanities on the web.

The Editor

I am a full-time mother of three, a life-long student of history and the arts, and part-time fitch from Pennsylvania. At 36 years old, I've finally settled on a major (computers, what else?). I believe in fairies and that Amor vincit omnia, and that chocolate is the perfect food.

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Thank you

I would like to thank Don for giving me my first lessons in HTML - he was a patient teacher who seems to have created a monster.

I would also like to thank Tim (also known as B. Badger, his Anster Revisted is marvelous) for his encouragement and proofreading skills. Brandied badgers are notoriously poor typists (he'd like you to believe it is the paws), but they have an excellent eye for typos and an affection for errant fairies.

A very special thank you is due to Tony, who set up the new database, and helped me bring Humanities Web closer to the vision I have for it. He's a miracle worker, and his fingerprint is on every page you'll find here.