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pixel - What is Art?

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What is Art?
What is art? That's right up there with the meaning of life? There are probably a million artists of one stripe or another just in this country alone and I rather doubt any two of them could completely agree upon a definition of art. The problem is that if the definition is too narrow, it eliminates much of that art which expands our horizons and helps us to see things in a new and different light--which is what art should do. But, by the same token, if the definition is to broad, it quickly becomes meaningless.

I suppose we might fall back on the sage wisdom of one such as Pablo Picasso who once defined art as: "...anything the public will buy". I'm not sure if he was speaking economically or philosophically, or both, in which case, maybe it's not as outrageous as it might seem at first glance.

Contributed by Lane, Jim
26 October 1997


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