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(1665 - 1714)

1665 Anne - the second daughter of James, Duke of York (James II) and his first wife, the Lady Anne Hyde - is born on 6 February
1668 Goes to France for medical treatment for her eyes (she stays with her grandmother, Henrietta Maria)
1669 Henrietta Maria dies, Anne stays with her aunt, the duchess of Orleans
1670 Returns to England
1678 Visits Holland with Mary of Modena
1679 Travels abroad with her family, visits Scotland
1683 Marries Prince George of Denmark (brother of King Christian V)
1684 Stillborn daughter in May
1685 Daughter, Mary , born in June
1686 Daughter, Anne Sophia, born in May
1687 Stillborn child in January; daughters, Mary and Anne Sophia, die in February; stillborn son in October
1688 Stillborn child in April; father (James VII and II) deposed and her brother-in-law and her sister become joint monarchs as William III and Mary II
1689 Son, William (Duke of Gloucester), born in July; Bill of Rights settles succession of the crown
1690 Daughter, Mary, born in October - dies the same day
1692 Son, George, born in April - dies the same day; Anne moves to Sion House (the Duke of Northumberland's home) in protest of his treatment at the hands of William and Mary - Anne is then then stripped of her guard of honour
1693 Stillborn daughter in April
1694 Stillborn child in January; Mary dies of smallpox, and William restores Anne to her previous honours
1696 Stillborn daughter in February; another stillborn child in September
1697 Stillborn daughter in March; another stillborn child in December
1698 Son, Charles, born in September - dies the same day
1700 Stillborn daughter in January; son, William, dies in July
1701 Act of Settlement - precludes a Roman Catholic from obtaining the Crown
1702 Death of King William on 8 March; Anne becomes Queen of Great Britain; War of the Spanish Succession begins
1704 "Queen Anne's Bounty"; Scotland's Act for the Security of the Kingdom
1705 Alien Act
1707 Act of Union
1708 Anne's husband, George, dies
1711 Act against occasional conformity
1713 Peace of Utrecht - France recognises Anne's title, and exiles James II's Roman Catholic son, James Stuart, from France
1714 Schism Bill; Anne dies 1 August

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