- More than Mortal - Michelangelo Buonarroti [Suggested Reading]
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Michelangelo de Buonarotti
Suggested Reading

Michelangelo : Art and Ideas
(Anthony Hughes )
The books in the Art and Ideas series, which will cover everything from Fra Angelico to Frida Kahlo, are supremely pleasurable to read. In this volume, for example, Anthony Hughes writes dryly of a Michelangelo sculpture of Christ, which was tinkered with and damaged during installation in March 1521: "Since then, more tampering has taken place.... From the late sixteenth century, Christ's genitalia were hidden beneath a bronze loincloth, although that did not prevent a zealous Dominican from trying to remove the penis." Written by scholarly experts who know how to turn a phrase and focus a gaze, the books are filled with hundreds of crisp, color reproductions that give purely visual pleasure and information.

Michelangelo : Paintings, Sculpture, Architecture
(Michelangelo Buonarroti, Ludwig Goldscheider)
Originally printed in 1953, this edition is the title's sixth incarnation. This update now includes color photographs of the newly cleaned ceiling frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. All the original black-and-white images also have been redone for this upgrade.

Michelangelo : The Sistine Chapel
Rizzoli Quadrifolio

(Stefano Zuffi (Editor) )
This exciting new art series combines the most popular artists with expert text and a fresh, unique, format destined to appeal to children and adults alike. Each of the Rizzoli Quadrifolios features sixteen foldout pages that open into huge poster-sized reproductions of the work, allowing readers to feel as though they have leaped into work itself. The series begins with two artists whose work continually compels audiences: Michelangelo and Van Gogh. Michelangelo: The Sistine Chapel focuses on the Italian master's work on this Vatican Chapel, the recent restorations of which have propelled interest in this site even higher.

The Poetry of Michelangelo : An Annotated Translation
(James M. Saslow )
More than 300 sonnets, madrigals and poems produced by Michelangelo during his long career


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