- More than Mortal - Michelangelo Buonarroti [Chronology]
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Michelangelo de Buonarotti
(1475 - 1564)

1475 Born 6 March in Caprese, Republic of Florence
1481 Mother dies
1485 Father remarries, family moves to Via dei Bentacordi, Florence, Michelangelo attends the grammar school of Francesco da Urbino
1487 Joins workshop of painter Domenico Ghirlandaio
1489 Studies in the sculpture school of the Medici gardens
1492 Patron Lorenzo dies
1494 Expulsion of the Medici from Florence - Michelangelo in Venice then Bologna
1495 First trip to Rome
1495 Returns to Florence
1499 Studies with Purugino in Perugia
1505 Called to Rome by Pope Julius II to design his tomb - spends 8 months in Carrara choosing marble
1506 Dismissed from tomb project in April, Returns to Florence
1508 Summoned again to Rome - begins work on Sistine Chapel ceiling
1513 Pope Julius II dies, leaving 10,000 ducats to complete the tomb
1515 Named Superintendent of Ancient Monuments
1524 Begins designs for the Laurentian Library
1528 The Last Republic in Florence - the new government asked him to prepare plans for defence against the assault
1529 Florence under siege by by the combined forces of Pope Clement VII and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V - Michelangelo becomes a member of the Nove della Milizia, the nine-man body in charge of the city's forces, in the capacity of an expert on fortifications
1530 Michelangelo pardoned by Clement VII after two months hiding in a cell underneath the Medici Chapel, on condition that the artist will continue work on the Sistine Chapel
1534 Father dies
1534 Leaves Florence forever after being accused of treason for fleeing the city in 1529. "I never knew a people more ungrateful and arrogant than the Florentines"
1535 Named 'Supreme Architect, Sculptor and Painter' of the papal palace by Pope Paul III
1546 Appointed chief architect of St. Peter's and the Farnese Palace
1555 Death of Francesco Amadori (l'Urbino), Michelangelo's favourite assistant and friend
1564 Dies 18 February in Rome

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