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Charles Dickens
Other Resources

Biography - Charles Dickens: A Tale of Ambition and Genius
Born to a life of obscurity and dark despair, his genius made him one of the most successful and beloved figures of his time. Internationally famous just months after his first novel was serialized, Charles Dickens was among the world's first literary stars. But success and acclaim could not banish the ghosts of his childhood -marked by his father's confinement in debtors' prison-or keep him from the deep loneliness that haunted him until his death. This extraordinary program tells the full story of Dickens' remarkable life, from his year as a child laborer to the spectacular success of Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities.

Charles Dickens: A Light & Enlightening Look
(by Professor Elliot Engel)

The Greatest Journeys on Earth: England The Journeys of Charles Dickens
In 1836, the start of the longest reigning queen of England coincides with the beginning of the career of the greatest British author since Shakespeare : Charles Dickens. In discovering the characters created by Dickens and the author’s haunts, the viewer becomes a privileged witness to the economic, scientific, and cultural effervescence that marked Victoria’s reign. They became a blueprint for today’s London and present day England.


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