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Calvin Coolidge
(1872 - 1933)

1872 Born John Calvin Coolidge Jr. on 4 July
1895 Graduates Amherst College in Massachusetts; begins to read law in Northampton, Massachusetts
1897 Appointed Republican City Committee from Ward 2 in Northampton
1898 Appointed City Councilman from Ward 2
1900 City solicitor for Northampton, Massachusetts
1903 Appointed Clerk of Courts of Hampshire County
1904 Chairman, Republican City Committee, Northampton
1905 Marries Grace Anna Goodhue
1906 Elected Representative to the Massachusetts General Court; son, John Coolidge, born
1907 Reelected Representative
1908 Son, Calvin Jr., born
1909 Elected mayor of Northampton
1910 Reelected Mayor
1912 Member of the state Senate until 1915
1916 Lieutenant governor of Massachusetts until 1918
1919 Governor of Massachusetts until 1920
1920 Attemps to secure the Republican presidential nomination, loses to Harding, he becomes Harding's running-mate
1921 Elected life trustee of Amherst College Tuskeegee dedication
1923 Harding dies, Coolidge becomes President
1924 Successfully runs for president; signs Indian Citizenship Act; son, Calvin Jr., dies from blood poisoning
1928 Signs the Kellogg-Briand Pact
1929 Autobiography published
1930 Writes a syndicated newspaper column, "Calvin Coolidge Says"
1933 Dies 5 January

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