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Ben Jonson
(1572 - 1637)

1572 Born around 11 June
1592 Returns to England
1594 Marries Anne Lewis 14 November
1597 Imprisoned for his involvement in a satire entitled The Isle of Dogs
1597 Joins the London theatrical company of Philip Henslowe as an actor and playwright
1598 Every Man in His Humour produced
1598 Jonson kills a fellow actor, Gabriel Spencer, in a duel in the Fields at Shoreditch and was tried at Old Bailey for murder
1599 Every Man Out of His Humour produced
1600 Cynthia's Revels produced
1601 The Poetaster produced
1603 Sejanus, His Fall produced
1604 Collaborates with Dekker on The King's Entertainment
1604 Collaborates with Marston and George Chapman on Eastward Ho - is imprisoned briefly for the controversial views espoused by Eastward Ho
1605 Masque of Blacknesse
1605 Volpone, or The Fox performed
1608 Masque of Beauty
1609 Masque of Queens and Epicoene: or, The Silent Woman performed
1610 The Alchemist performed
1610 Converts back to Anglicism
1614 Bartholomew Fair performed
1616 The Devil is an Ass
1616 Works, in folio, published
1616 Appointed as poet laureate and rewarded with a pension
1618 Jonson journeys to Scotland on foot
1619 Receives an honorary Master of Arts degree from Oxford University
1625 The Staple of News
1628 Appointed City Chronologer of London
1628 Suffers a severe stroke
1629 The New Inn
1633 A Tale of a Tub
1637 Dies 6 August, is buried in Westminster Abbey
? Converts to Roman Catholicism

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