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28 October, 2012
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Welcome to HumanitiesWeb

Welcome to Humanities Web. The mission of HumanitiesWeb is to build a humanities site that will show the interconnections, the web, the links, between history, the arts, and culture - and how each plays off and influences the others. The internet provides a unique and new forum for advancing new ideas and sharing learned ones - I think we need to take advantage of that.

The Gallery is dedicated to art. Here you will find biographies and resources for various periods in art, and representative artists and works for each movement in art, as well as over 1,000 articles by an art historian with quick peeks at various issues and theories in art.

The Library is dedicated to literature. Background information about many of the authors is provided, as well as representative works.

The Conservatory is dedicated to classical music. From early Baroque to modern classical, you will find composer biographies, lists of key works and further resources for those who would like to know more about their favorite composers.

In History you will find time-lines, quick explanations of various events, along with short biographies of historically influential people. Available soon will be maps of many geographical areas during different eras and time periods.

Myth and Culture A database is in the works with short outlines of Greek, Roman, and Celtic myths, as well as a Christian-Judeo database of biblical and historical persons and events.

Philosophy: I've just begun to work on this section of the site - adding some of the great thinkers and their works, showing them in context with their times.

Please note that everything on and in this site is a work in progress - if you see a blank spot that you'd like to fill in (a particular artist, a period in history, a school of thought) - please contact me and you can become a part of the web - HumaniesWeb!