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William McKinley
(1843 - 1901)

1843 Born in Niles, Ohio on 4 March
1852 Family moves to Poland, OH; William attends Poland Academy
1859 Attends Allegheny College
1860 Briefly works as a teacher and postal clerk
1861 Enlists as a private in the Union Army: Twenty-third Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry under the command of Rutherford B. Hayes
1863 Receives commission as First Lieutenant
1864 Promoted to Captain
1865 Studies law with Judge Charles Glidden
1866 Enters Albany Law School
1869 Serves as prosecuting attorney of Stark County until 1871
1871 Marries Ida Saxton on 25 January; daughter Katherine born in December
1873 Daughter Ida born, she only lives 6 months
1881 Chairman of the Committee on Revision of the Laws (Forty-seventh Congress)
1883 Member-elect to the Forty-eighth Congress and serves until May, 1884
1884 Delegate to the Republican National Convention
1885 Elected to the Forty-Ninth Congress
1887 Elected to the Fiftieth Congress
1888 "Open Door" policy in trade relations with China; delegate to the Republican National Convention
1889 Runs for House speaker leadership of the Congress and is defeated by Democrat Thomas Brackett Reedin
1890 McKinley Tariff Act
1890 Supports Sherman Anti-Trust Act
1891 Elected Governor of Ohio
1891 Elected to the Fifty-first Congress; Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means
1892 Delegate to the Republican National Convention
1893 Re-elected Governor of Ohio (serves until 1896)
1896 "Front porch campaign", defeats William Jennings Bryan in presidential election
1896 The Tariff in the Days of Henry Clay and Since published
1897 Assumes presidency with Garret Hobart as vice-president
1897 Supports the Dingley Tariff
1898 25 April - Proclaims war with Spain
1900 Signs the Gold Standard Act; sends 5,000 troops to help put down the Boxer Rebellion in China
1900 With Theodore Roosevelt as running-mate, McKinley defeats William Jennings Bryan again and takes a second term in office
1901 Is shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz on 6 September, dies of complications 14 September

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