- Theodore Roosevelt - The Old Lion [Chronology]
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Theodore Roosevelt
(1858 - 1919)

1858 Born 27 October in NYC
1876 Attends Harvard
1880 Graduates from Harvard, magna cum laude, member Phi Beta Kappa; enters Columbia Law School (he will leave in 1882 without taking a degree); marries Alice Lee on 27 October
1881 Elected to New York State Assembly from New York City
1882 The Naval War of 1812 published
1883 Serves New York State Assembly second term; establishes first of two cattle ranches (Maltese Cross and Elkhorn)
1884 14 February - Wife, Alice Lee, and mother die; Roosevelt serves New York State Assembly third term (Minority Leader); birth of first child, Alice Lee Roosevelt; delegate to the Republican National Convention in June
1885 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman published
1886 Marries Edith Carow in December; defeated in NYC mayoral election by Abram S. Hewitt
1887 Life of Thomas Hart Benton published; son, Theodore, born
1888 Life of Gouverneur Morris, Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, and Essays in Practical Politics published
1889 Son, Kermit, born; Vols I & II of The Winning of the West published; appointed U.S. Civil Service Commissioner, Washington
1891 History of New York published; daughter, Ethel Carow, born
1893 The Wilderness Hunter published
1894 Son, Archibald Bulloch, born; Vol III of The Winning of the West published
1895 Publishes Hero Tales from American History, in collaboration with Henry Cabot Lodge; Resigns US Civil Service Commission to become Police Commissioner of NYC
1896 Vol IV. of The Winning of the West published
1897 Son, Quentin, born; American Ideals published; Appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by President McKinley
1898 Resigns as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to become Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (the "Rough Riders"); serves during Spanish-American War; elected Governor of New York State
1899 The Rough Riders published
1900 Elected Vice President
1901 McKinley shot in September, Roosevelt becomes the 26th President of the United States
1904 Reelected President over Democrat Alton B. Parker
1905 Mediates Russo-Japanse War; Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter published
1906 Mediates between France and Germany at Algeciras Conference; awarded Nobel Peace Prize for ending Russo-Japanese War in 1905
1909 Safari in Africa with son Kermit; tours Europe
1911 Editor for Outlook Magazine
1912 Realizable Ideals published; announces candidacy for Republican nomination against President Taft (is defeated); runs with the National Progressive Party; shot in the chest by John Nepomuk Schrank in October
1913 Theodore Roosevelt - An Autobiography and History as Literature and Other Essays published; travels in South America
1914 Through the Brazilian Wilderness and Life Histories of African Game Animals (with Edmund Heller) published
1915 America and the World War published
1916 A Booklover's Holidays in the Open and Fear God and Take Your Own Part published
1917 Foes of Our Own Household published
1918 Son, Quentin, dies while serving in France; The Great Adventure published
1919 Dies 6 January of coronary embolism, in Oyster Bay, NY

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