- Woodrow Wilson As I Know Him
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Woodrow Wilson As I Know Him
by Tumulty, Joseph P.

To the memory of my dear mother Alicia Tumulty whose spirit of generosity, loyalty, and tolerance I trust will be found in the lines of this book.

Chapter I - The Political Laboratory
Chapter II - Doing The Political Chores
Chapter III - My First Meeting With The Political Boss
Chapter IV - Colonel Harvey On The Scene
Chapter V - The New Jersey Salient
Chapter VI - Something New In Political Campaigns
Chapter VII - The Crisis Of The Campaign
Chapter VIII - The End Of The Campaign
Chapter IX - A Party Split
Chapter X - Exit The Old Guard
Chapter XI - Executive Leadership
Chapter XII - Colonel Harvey
Chapter XIII - The "Cocked-Hat" Incident
Chapter XIV - Wilson And The Old Guard
Chapter XV - Mr. Bryan Issues A Challenge
Chapter XVI - The Baltimore Convention
Chapter XVII - Facing A Solemn Responsibility
Chapter XVIII - William F. Mccombs
Chapter XIX - The Inauguration
Chapter XX - Mexico
Chapter XXI - Panama Tolls
Chapter XXII - Reforming The Currency
Chapter XXIII - Renominated
Chapter XXIV - The Adamson Law
Chapter XXV - German Propaganda
Chapter XXVI - Wilson Versus Hughes
Chapter XXVIII - Preparedness
Chapter XXIX - The Great Declaration
Chapter XXX - Carrying On
Chapter XXXI - The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
Chapter XXXII - Colonel Roosevelt And General Wood
Chapter XXXIII - Wilson, The Warrior
Chapter XXXIV - Germany Capitulates
Chapter XXXV - Appeal For A Democratic Congress
Chapter XXXVI - The Great Adventure
Chapter XXXVII - Wilson--The Lone Hand
Chapter XXXVIII - Japan--Shantung
Chapter XXXIX - Ireland
Chapter XL - Prohibition
Chapter XLI - The Treaty Fight
Chapter XLII - The Western Trip
Chapter XLIII - Reservations
Chapter XLIV - Wilson--The Human Being
Chapter XLV - The San Francisco Convention
Chapter XLVI - The Last Day
Appendix "A"
Appendix "B"
Appendix "C"

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